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From the DUES Constitution:

4.3.3 Grants (Personal)

Personal grants are to be given to an active member. No more than one Personal Grant shall be granted to any one member per semester. A personal grant shall not exceed $50.00, and no more than $150.00 in personal grants shall be allocated for a single event.

Note that DUES considers intramural Hockey Teams for a discipline as an event and will grant $150.00 so long as the team has the discipline as its team name and is comprised of a majority engineering students. The intramural registration form must be passed in in addition to the grant request in order for the request to be considered.

4.3.4 Grants (Constituant Sociteys and Groups)

Group grants may be given to a group recognized to be affiliated with DUES, Engineering at Sexton Campus or one or more Constituant Societies. The amount of this grant shall be $100 per group or Constituant Society involved in the event up to a maximum of $200 per event. Groups are limited to one grant per academic year unless funds are available at the final meeting of the Engineering Student Council. Priority will be given to groups that have not yet received a grant.

4.3.5 Constituant Banquet Funding

Banquet grants may be given to a Discipline Constituant Society, planning to have a banquet in the current term. Past precedence for this grant is $200 and this shall be followed unless the VP Finance or the council determines otherwise. The Diploma in Engineering Society will be eligible for a maximum grant of $1500. A grant may be withheld from a Constituant society if they have not met the criteria for funding by attending council meetings in the previous term. Banquet Funding comes from funds allocated in the budget as Constituant Funding, not grants. Only one banquet may be funded per academic year per Constituant society.

4.3.6 Grant Approval Process

Grants will be presented by the VP Finance at the first full council meeting after submission. Grants will be Approved, Deferred, Conditionally Accepted, or Denied by a majority vote of the council, with power of veto given to the VP Finance of DUES. The VP Finance must archive a record of all grant allotments issued in a given year.

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